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Keshav Joshi : The Youngest Digital Influencer of Punjab

Keshav Joshi is an 18-year-old young boy whose Father’s name is Jagpal Kumar, and his Mother’s name is Manjit Kaur,…

Keshav Joshi : The Youngest Digital Influencer of Punjab

Keshav Joshi is an 18-year-old young boy whose Father’s name is Jagpal Kumar, and his Mother’s name is Manjit Kaur, and a younger brother named Balram Joshi. His father is a govt employee who leaped faith from being a law student from Punjab to a professional and skilled Digital Marketer. Soon he discovered his true passion for the rapidly increasing scope of Digital Marketing and made a lucrative career in it.

Coming from a small village in Punjab, known as Kakrala near Patiala city Keshav seriously focuses on his studies massively so that he can make the most of the benefits of it after his graduation. Being a Law student, he was always smart in studies and had a very practical approach That practical approach towards computers and technology. Increase his interest in digital marketing. Because of his smartness in studies and curiosity to learn more, Keshav excelled himself in basic knowledge of Computers and then he took the next step towards Digital Marketing because of its passion and lucrative demanding of it in every field because of increasing technology accessibility

Generally speaking, Digital Marketers need to have three core competencies, i.e. Analytics, Technology Competency & Strategy. However, Keshav being a law student and having basic computer knowledge had all the three skills embedded within him. As per their experience and passion. As I think passion leads to success in every field as passion increase the curiosity level in everyone and this also happens. In KeshavÂs case.

This marketing transformation has started to be more technical nowadays. Everyone is going into this field. Keshav never gives up but he excelled more and Going above and beyond this change in the trend, Keshav made sure to upgrade himself at every level to stay ahead in the competition. Earlier marketers were usually the people who very creative and believed in the modern methods of marketing. However, with digital advancement, the marketing concepts have evolved and have also included analytical skills along with being more creative.

However, Keshav being so young is very different than others and has been working in the industry for almost a year now. The young digital marketer thus becoming a specialist and professional. And gaining more knowledge in his profession. Keshav has worked in and around the industry with several famous personalities and leads many deals that are very beneficial for the company.

Keshav is on his way to creating a name in the digital industry internationally while dominating India. Keshav has set the records high with his integrity and sharp interest in both digital and social media. At such a young age, he had reached extremely extraordinary levels. From authentication to heightened media impact. From having a social appearance to developing a label. Keshav has all questions answered.

The customer-oriented strategy, creative outlook, and critical mentality of Kehsav show his strong place in the digital marketing industry. His passion for digital media inspired him to achieve milestones. Also, he trusts in the ability to share expertise in digital marketing. Keshav is recognized for combining the conventional and modern techniques of advertisement with modern digital knowledge.