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Know About “One Stop Crisis Centre” For Women Affected By Violence

One-Stop Centre (OSC) at the district level maintains the record of complaints received from women affected by violence. Ministry of Women and Child Development reviews the functioning of OSCs from time to time. 

As per the guidelines, OSCs are required to have the facility for a temporary stay up to 5 days with 5 beds. To address the complaints of aggrieved women, the Scheme of One Stop Centre is to provide for a range of services for violence-affected women including police facilitation, legal counseling, psycho-social counseling, medical aid and temporary shelter in an integrated manner under one roof.

Under the scheme, OSCs are required to have a center administrator, caseworkers, medical personnel, police facilitation officer, psycho-social counselor, legal counselor, security guard, IT staff and multi-purpose workers. Capacity building of OSC functionaries is undertaken through National, Regional and State training and workshops to improve the responsiveness of OSC staff. OSCs are also integrated with Women Helpline to improve the functioning and responsiveness of OSC staff.

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