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Know How To Apply For Startup India - CRPF Grand Challenge

Central Reserve Police Force, through this challenge, is looking for new concepts & innovations in the areas identified. The objective of this program is to address critical issues hampering the growth of the security sector in the country by leveraging technical expertise and best fundamental concepts thus helping talented and creative innovators to pursue promising avenues at the frontier of technology. 

The program provides a unique opportunity to innovative startups in the security sector having a commercially viable and innovative solution to address the key challenges in the security forces.

Themes for Challenges

Effective utilization of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)/UAVs against insurgents

Develop highly effective sensors and tracking devices for RPAS/UAV system(s) to detect and identify insurgents hiding under thick foliage/tree canopies.

Shoes against spikes

Develop terrain agnostic shoes to protect against hidden iron/bamboo made spikes causing fatal injuries to troops.

Controlling blood loss

Development of lightweight, sterile hemostatic agents/drugs/equipment/bandages to control excessive bleeding loss.

Application closes on July 31st, 2019.

Procedure Post Submission

First phase results: 19th August 2019

Winner Announcement: 16th September 2019

Fiscal Incentives

INR 2 lakhs for winner

(one winner per problem statement to be awarded)

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