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Kolkata-Based Sujoy Dhar Is Your One-Stop Solution Guy For IT Problems and Blogging Advice

With a huge boom in the IT sector these days, every other entrepreneur is a computer wizard these days. However, what gives well-known blogger Sujoy Dhar the edge over all of his other bloggers is the fact that not only does he believe in imparting his knowledge in his blogs, he has also helped many bloggers start their careers in the field and has pointed them in the right direction to start earning.

What also seems to serve as his USP, is the fact that Sujoy's work stands out because of his easy to understand lingo used in his blogs. Well, that is because he did not learn how to blog from an institute or a college. He is a self-educated blogger who decided to begin publishing content in 2009 and has been doing so successfully since then.

Sujoy Dhar, owns his own IT firm where clients get services like Cpanel Server Administration, Wordpress, Search Engine Optimization, Web configuration, Blogging, Backlink Builder, Optimizer etc. Sujoy's blog too is a cheat sheet into daily-life IT problems and offers easy to understand solutions for a layman with no IT background whatsoever. What also makes Sujoy's business tick is the fact that he acknowledges his employees and their hard-work and credits them too for his success. Well, now that's one helluva humble boss.

Sujoy’s case is not one that will make it to a social media page dedicated to those who came from poor backgrounds and broke their way into success. He is a well to do MBA graduate who is hungry to knowledge and not partial to sharing it with others. Well, that’s precisely why Sujoy Dhar is a much recommended blogger in Kolkata. After all, he is a good boss man and a blogger with a huge heart (and also a huge and widespread blog).

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