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LA Actor Romeo Yanger: It all starts from developing a go-getter mindset

Actors put their heart and soul into the characters that they are playing. They can bring a character to life through their actions and speeches. This is what makes them unique - they create everything in front of the audience. Although it is called a play, it's very serious business and we should learn from actors! I once met an actor in Los Angeles who was born and brought up in India but has been living there for several years now so he could study acting at one of the best schools in town!

Romeo Yanger is an actor well known for his very convincing portrayals of a wide range of characters in plays and commercials and has also been featured in short films. He likes to say that acting is like sitting on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and he tries to adjust the intensity of his performances accordingly, whether he’s playing someone who is very happy, such as in a comedy or jovial scene, or when he’s portraying more somber emotions. Romeo is particularly proud of his passionate performances that he is able to pull off in his plays and believes that it will look more realistic in cinemas.

Romeo makes an awesome point, “Even movies can make us forget about our everyday problems for a moment, and we can actually get lost in the world of the film or it can remind us of who we are and make us more conscientious.”

One is never too young to start learning and growing, especially when it comes down to dealing with those around you. At such an early age, Romeo has accumulated a lot of life experience from his odd jobs while still attending acting school. Romeo discovered that no matter who one interacts with, no matter where they come from, people behave differently in different situations. It's no small wonder then how important these experiences were for the development of Romeo's character both in his real life and the one that he chooses to play when he is acting.

“Being a fan of Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, Romeo Yanger states that he likes the storylines of their films because they portray the subtleties of characters but also deliver the objective details vey specifically.”
Romeo Yanger is a big fan of Tom Cruise and Al Pacino. He sbelieves that if he works hard then, he's going to become a great film star just like them! Romeo has also appeared in several plays and interested in Zoya Akhtar’s movies as he is a great fan of her work. It's not just Bollywood that he's interested in, though—Romeo is also trying his hand at Hollywood films. And if Romeo's dream comes true, it would be pretty cool to see him star in movies with stars like Tom Cruise and Al Pacino. We would love to watch those movies!

Romeo Yanger says that his father is an inspiration to him. From what we have experienced, we'd like to think that in the future, we will likely see Romeo more often. Maybe he will be a part of Hollywood or Bollywood, but either way, we can assure you that he'll continue entertaining us because of his dedication and enthusiasm for the craft of acting. He will make it big in the industry sooner rather than later at this rate. We wish him all the best for future projects; we're delighted he's involved!

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