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Lakshay Jain 's startup is rising, and he gears up to be India's top tech Entrepreneur under 20

Lakshay Jain 's agency 'Mevrex' has been doing exceedingly well in a short period, thanks to Lakshay Jain's skills and talents as a teenager web/app developer and entrepreneur.

The influential boost has been a young tech entrepreneur. A new wave in the tech world has been brought in by the relentless hard work of young entrepreneurs like Lakshay Jain, who himself is a Digital Nomad tech Entrepreneur. Making a place in top giants who are dominating the market of IT and technology in India, Lakshay Jain has proved that age is just a number and anyone and everyone can achieve their definition of success with a determined heart and mind.

Lakshay Jain, a renowned tech entrepreneur of India under 20, is the proud founder of Mevrex and possesses a very high-quality technology sense with modern digital marketing knowledge, giving top websites and Apps to small to big brands in India and abroad. His knowledge level is extremely high, and his passion for making something new helps society by giving useful Apps that are created by him, making the 16-year-old web/app developer the best professional in the Tech world.

He is not qualified on paper with a degree as he is not even 18, which is the licensed age in India, but his experience is over a decade in technology. This makes him much more efficient in the industry and has helped him create a unique space for himself in the vast entrepreneurial world. It is surprising to know, but it is true that he started his journey at the naive age of seven as the youngest Web/App developer and became India's youngest digital marketer.

Seeing entrepreneurs and enthusiasts like Lakshay Jain who go on to achieve staggering heights of success, it becomes obvious to know that in any field, passion and talent are what really matters. It is the skills, practical knowledge, and vision to create something new for a society that has allowed Lakshay Jain to become the prominent personality he is today.

India's market is bigger than most in the world. And we have seen so many recent successes that give more boost to young tech experts like Lakshay Jain. He is currently working on multiple things. His app and web development work is still going well, with that he is now promoting his clients' growth faster by implementing suitable and modern digital marketing services.

India, as we all know, still believes in the traditional methods. With internet growth in the nation and 5G on the way, we will see the new rise of new tech India in the next five years, and in that the role of entrepreneurs and tech experts like Lakshay Jain will be huge. These are the nomads who will take India forward and make India truly a Digital Nation of the 21st century.

To know more about Lakshay Jain, do follow him on Instagram @lakshayjain.1 and Facebook @lakshayjain05 or visit his website, here

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