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"Learning about Cyber Security is need of the hour", says Sunny Wadhwani

With the advent of digitization taking over the world, more innovative and effective malware defence mechanisms have been regarded as an urgent requirement in the cybersecurity community. Lending a hand in making the prerequisites available to the world, Sunny Wadhwani, a cybersecurity expert, is leading the charge towards educating people about these risks involved with browsing the internet. He also mentions the ways to use the aspects of cybersecurity adequately.

With his exemplary prowess and immense experience, the virtuoso has helped different organizations and new businesses fortify them against multitudinous security dangers, making them more productive. His mindful approaches and drives on network protection have educated thousands of individuals about the continuous need to embrace cybersecurity as an eminent part of their work culture.

Speaking about the objectives of his endeavour, Sunny says, "Many cybersecurity experts believe that malware is the key choice of weapon to carry out malicious intent to breach cybersecurity efforts in cyberspace. Our efforts are to collaboratively build that space which is safe in an era where technology is constantly evolving."

Sailing the ship safely in the sea of tech

Honing multiple awards in the digital marketing realm, Sunny Wadhwani, besides being a cybersecurity expert, is also passionate about the digital marketing world. He started his own company, Wadhwani Enterprises, with an investment of less than $1000 and has successfully served more than hundreds of clients to date. Wadhwani Enterprises has recovered the official social media channels of 100+ local businesses; provided low-cost cyber consultancy to enhance their technical infrastructure security further, reducing cyber attacks by over 93% within four months.

Accolades attached to the man's name

With such profound knowledge in the field, Sunny has been able to garner appreciation and recognition worldwide. He has been awarded among The 15 Top Influencers of Indore in Let's Influence organized by Inox Insignia & Indori Artist. He has also been applauded as The Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, Indore in Super 30 of Central India's First Digital marketing conclave "DIGICON" - Powered By Google Digital Unlocked, Organized by Mp09Digital.

Sunny is the National Level Presentation Competition Winner at Encore 3 Event by Jaipuria Institute of Management and has been honoured for Social Welfare at Hellen-Keller Academy, Indore, MP. He has actively participated and contributed to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - India Initiative Workshop 2020 held in Mumbai. He has also contributed to the Harvard-India US Initiative Conference 2020 – Mumbai.

Apart from that, the virtuoso is also the World Record holder for Fastest English Roman Typing by International Book of Records, Golden Book of Records, and World Record India as he typed A to Z in 1.801 seconds on QWERTY Keyboard. He also has a World Record for Fastest English Pangram Typing by the International Book of Records for typing the famous pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" in merely three seconds.

His determination, relentless hard work, perseverance, and 'never give up' attitude have brought him the success he is living with today.

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