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Loombiz Consultancy: A remarkable name in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing

This decade's lifestyle is directly proportional to digitization. There is no life aspect where digitIzation has not made its place. All this makes it necessary for individuals and brands to have a strong online presence. The businesses that are online surely get an upper hand as online branding gives them brand recognition along with loyalty which is one of the most integral aspects. When consumers can identify a brand, they tend to pick that one over others. However, setting a strong benchmark in the digital world is not as easy as it seems but that is when digital marketing consultancies come into the picture. Loombiz Consultancy is one such eCommerce and digital marketing service provider that has been serving the industry since 2015.


With the aim to help businesses reach unprecedented heights, Loombiz Consultancy has been providing 360-degree handcrafted digital marketing services. Through this, they have made selling online a hassle-free experience along with assisting a brand to sell on well-reputed platforms like Flipkart, Meesho, Amazon, etc. However, marking a presence is just not enough and team Loombiz understands that. Therefore, their professional consultants train sellers to launch their business on amazon and even assist them in grabbing the opportunity to earn more revenue.


Loombiz Consultancy’s digital marketing service has also made noise all over the town. They work strategically and help brands develop such a presence that they get more traffic which ultimately increases their sales. This happens with their strong analytical research and data sourcing. If due to any reason a business does not have any web portal then also Loombiz Consultancy has solutions. Their expert team of web developers ensure that one gets a website that has the best user interface and further checks all the other boxes like being well designed, easy to use, optimised for a mobile, clear call to action and much more.  Their SEO services grow the business and even get it to rule the search engine result page.


Talking about the idea behind the inception of Loombiz Consultancy, Rahul Kumar, the CEO of the brand says, “I along with my team started incepted this company in 2015 with the intent to build a bridge between businesses and people. We wanted everyone to come together to grow and achieve success. Our vision is to use the resources to our advantage and get a vast understanding of clients’ business specifications to fulfil their requirements and give them good results. We strive to deliver excellent services and for that, we fully dedicate ourselves to every project we get. Currently, we have four office spaces and in the future, we only aim to expand our horizons even further.”


With over 20 services and more than five years of experience in the industry,  Loombiz Consultancy has earned experience, reliability and trust. From having a small space to opening four offices in different states, they have come a long way due to their hard work, services and dedication to their clients. The creatively led, strategically driven and expert digital marketing agency is devoted to helping its customers 24*7. They are an authorised service partner of Alibaba. Their other clients are Lavi-Tavi, Home Blaze, Omax, Sweet Saga, etc. With their intersecting features, they are evolving as one of the greatest digital marketing firms in India.


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