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Make Your Jaipur Journey Royal and Memorable with Leena Sharma's Jaipur Safari

The combination of beauty with the brain is not common in India. We rarely see a woman with a beautiful face does something on her own in India. 

I came up to one confident woman who has a beauty which the world has recognised thrice, and she has won three consecutive titles in one year. So you can not doubt about her looks, but she has also got the mind which will take her to a newer level in her life beyond her face, and that is the business world. I am talking about Leena Sharma who is all set to mark her name in the list of most successful women of India in a short time with her Dream project "Jaipur Safari".

Leena Sharma as we know is a famous name in Rajasthan and all over India all thanks to her stunning looks. But she is also having a mind of Businesswoman which is ready to take new challenges and give something chic thing to Rajasthan with her New venture called Jaipur Safari. 

The Virajosa group ran Jaipur safari in Jaipur Rajasthan. They failed to bring this project forward and was shut down for some time, Leena Sharma got her eyes on that, and she instantly took the opportunity and purchase shares of it and made this project of Jaipur Safari in her plan as her new Venture in Rajasthan. She renovated buses, change food quality and everything to give this concept new wings to do well in joint venture with Virajosa.

According to Leena Sharma, Jaipur Safari is a different concept which is only run by her company. They are known as wheels of Rajasthan and Restaurants on the wheels, which gives clients Royal feeling and Royal food by visiting the best places in Pink city Jaipur. 

Leena has turned this concept into a luxurious one. She knows she will get many foreign clients and other people around the world who loves to visit Rajasthan, and she wants to give all of them a real Royal feeling with her concept.

Leena is all set to tie up with Indian Tourism to give her project and her loved place Jaipur new clients and business with her efforts. She knows tourism is a fundamental part of Rajasthan, significant income from tourism. 

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