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Making Bollywood her next mission, Kapilakshi Malhotra is all set to enter the Bollywood

Some say it is the natural talents that make an individual an actor, while others are of the opinion that sometimes in life people might not be born with innate abilities, but they can always make it a point to learn the art and transform themselves into a learned actor. That's also the reason why there are a number of acting schools in our country & around the world that give an aspiring artist the required confidence in life to make them believe in their dreams & take the first step towards success. Kapilakshi Malhotra is a combination of both these categories, precisely because she not only had an innate acting talent in her but she also worked upon herself a lot, and finally emerged as an artist that our country should be proud about.

The upcoming name in Bollywood draws out a few acting skills she has learned so far in her journey & urges other actors as well to work upon the same to excel in their craft as an artist.

• Work for a fabulous screen/stage presence: Malhotra suggests that an actor first must always know how to stand in front of the camera/audience. He/she must practice a lot for gaining the needed confidence to face them. It is only through this that an actor becomes poised & self-assertive.

• Get engrossed into the character: By getting engrossed, an actor can get into the skin of the character. Malhotra points out that an actor can become an artist when he/she is aware of what they need to give in to that particular character to make it look believable.

• Improve your ability to memorize lines: This may seem tough for some in the beginning, but Malhotra says that once the actors know what the character feels & believe in, memorizing lines get more natural which ups the confidence.

• Get a creative insight: An actor must also be continuously churning new ideas in his/her mind to offer their creative insights to that particular character, believes Malhotra. She says that when an actor knows what to provide to a character, the performance reaches much higher levels.

Belonging to Jaipur, Rajasthan, Malhotra trusted her instincts & after completing her studies, tried her hands at modeling with walking for many designers on the ramp and did catalog shoots as well for them. To know more about acting, she even joined the theatre & did multiple plays. After this, she decided to give films a shot & auditioned for a role in a Telugu movie. Soon, she got selected & there we saw her on the silver screen in a Tollywood film called "Prema Pipasi" which got released in the first quarter this year.

Being just 24 & born on October 15, 1996, Malhotra has no reason to stop in her career as she is determined to work even harder to make her name count in the leading actresses of Bollywood as well.

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