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Making Rajkot a super city- Social worker Hiren Khimaniya talks about his vision and challenges

It is the little efforts that add up to big victories. This ideology drives social worker Hiren Khimaniya who works at the basic level to improve the living conditions for the people of Rajkot. Hiren envisions a developed India without the issues that citizens struggle with each day. He believes that if all of us work hard for our immediate surroundings, the day is not far when India will be a superpower. Hiren loves Rajkot immensely and dreams that it becomes a super city.

The way he works at the root level to resolve the issues is an inspiration for leaders across the country. At the root of his passion and motivation is simple teaching from his mother Mrs. Radhaben Khimaniya. She told him that everyone must give more to the world than they take from it. This became the driving force for Hiren, who now works incessantly for the well-being of people.

As the corporator of ward no.1 in Rajkot, Hiren aims to be a politician who doesn’t abuse his power but works to honor the trust that people invest in him. He is doing commendable work and trying to check corruption at all levels to ensure that citizens get what they deserve. Hiren also works as the chairman of RMC i.e Rajkot Municipal Corporation. Some of the areas where he focuses his energy are education, food, and sanitation.

Hiren who is also the chairman of Drainage Samiti of Rajkot Municipal Corporation states that the residents make up a city and country and their financial condition shouldn’t affect their human rights. This is why Hiren and his team are working hard to put an end to manual scavenging. They have procured drainage cleaning systems and are committed to training the employees to use these machines.  Hiren has also made arrangements for masks and sanitizers to be available to sweepers. He thinks that it is a great risk to the health of poor workers if they are not provided sanitizers.

Hiren also organized meals for families of daily wage workers during the lockdown. He hopes that no one goes hungry and thus is instrumental in the effective execution of Prime Minister’s Garib Kalyan food scheme. In the past, Hiren has organized numerous camps to distribute food packets to poor families. He admits that it is a challenge to help the packets reach the intended recipients without being misused by other greedy people.

Hiren identifies reluctance to send children to school as one of the major challenges in achieving the goal of education for all. Additionally, he thinks the unaffordability of higher education and accommodation facilities is also a roadblock for this dream. Hiren works hard to bridge these gaps. He counsels parents from low-income families to send their kids to school. He is the social work trustee for PD Malaviya college and trustee for innovative international schools.  The 31-year-old is also the vice president of Ahir Boarding Rajkot that offers low-cost accommodation to students.

We hope to have more social workers like Hiren and wish that his dream of super city Rajkot comes true. 

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