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Manika Tahilyani the new Tiktok magnate of the nation

Manika Tahilyani from Haryana has done wonders with her tiktok mantra making her a social media star over night. This young lady with no family support or a big daddy in the industry managed all by herself and today is one the renowed star of the nation. Her journey from was never easy but definitely was extraordinary. 

Giving no excuses or reasons she crossed all the hurdles and left no stone unturned to achieve her dreams. This gave rise to a wonderful journey which seems to never end and give fruitful results and was immensely fascinating.

Tahilyani today is considered to be one of the top tiktok stars in the country. She has more than 2.4 million plus followers on TikTok and is a popular face of Instagram,  highly appreciated by people giving her a number of opportunities ahead with 23.6 million likes on her videos.

Manika is most wanted when it comes to collaborations and branding having a number of banners willing to sign her for the publicity. Her way of making love with the camera leaves the photographers awestruck. With her persona and charm she has managed to conquer a number of hearts especially being famous amongst the youth.

Manika consists of a number of Instagram followers. Apart from swaying the title of being the tiktok queen she also is a social media influencer and has collaborated with a number of fashion and lifestyle brands like Playfit, Anokhi, Lumiere cases, Craftsvilla and many more.

Manika has become an inspiration for millions of young bloods who want to persuade their career in this field. She also introduces her Instagram fan fam to latest trends and on going fashion designs which one can pick easily and fits in the skin of any individual and feel comfortable about it deck up with the go to look.

Being a public figure and always facing the lime light Manika loves to live a simple life with her family and friends supporting her family in every way. She gives one hell of an example of being an idol daughter also giving major importance to her friends being one hell of a friendly person. 

Manika who is not only an inspiration for the youth of this nation but for every woman who feels to break the wheel, go against the stereotype stating that nothing is impossible if one truly follows their passion. We wish Manika all the best for her future achievements which surely will be  countless in numbers.

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