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Maxim Vlasov shares what inspires him as a renowned Fashion Influencer

The number of successful people in the world has risen with a great speed in the last decade. Social media and the internet have proven to make a great difference in the life of everyone and it has affected every field. Maxim Vlasov is that one person who has fully utilized this opportunity for his benefit smartly. Maxim who hails from Moscow, Russia has come out as one of the biggest influencers of the present time. 

He is the founder and owner of "Agency 13" which manages the bloggers, models, actor, producers, directors and celebrities on a very large-scale. In the year 2010, he engaged in producing and working together with Roskino. Over the years Maxim Vlasov has with many celebrities of the glamour world such as The musician Dan Balan, Kate Mtsituridze, Photographer Natalia manaenkova, Model Vlasova Varvara and blogger Bogdee. He has also done the filming and production in very well-known glossy and fancy magazines like Playboy Russia, Ukraine, Italy; L'officiel, Baltic, Norway; Vogue Ukraine; Moldova In Style; Maxim Africa; GQ Mexico.

Maxim Vlasov is a person whose name is very reputed and renown in the Russian media for his amazing work. He is also working with the stars of Russian show business. Today his work and lifestyle are influencing many people. There are people who love and admire his work and wish to be like him. Maxim is also considered as an idol figure by many because of his hard work and success. In the present time Maxim Vlasov life may seem successful and perfect but to get where he's at now he had his share of struggle and difficulties. He went through every obstacle and fought his way to success with sheer determination and that is what made him a real influencer.

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