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Meet Ajita Italiya, An inspirational Women From Gujarat

Some are blessed super talent, and when that person comes out with their qualities, they make a massive name in their life. Ajita Italiya is not a name its an institution. An institution which is having so many things in her. 

What will you call her Housewife, vocalist, cyclist, writer, USA certified image professional, Entrepreneur? Phew !!! Quite a significant list, right? She is phenomenal from Surat Gujarat blessed with so many qualities. Wow a single soul and flying in many directions that too with success flag with her.

Ajita Italiya is a renowned personality who loves to live life and try as many things she can in her life. Her achievements speak all the things. She has been appreciated by top personalities of India to start with our PM Shree Narendra Modi at the parliament when she became India’s First Lady to cross Spiti valley on cycle in 2017.she also got another record on her name by traveling from Miao to Annini where the road ends (China border) and again became India’s First Lady to cycle in Arunachal Pradesh.

Ajita Italiya is fashion diva, her fashion is trendy and pretty new, and top celebrities of B-town wear her collection. 

She is a fantastic writer her magazines are always in talks whenever she publishes a new one. She launched her book named sincerely yours with Gujarat’s biggest publishing house that is image publications.

Ajita Italiya married at a younger age, but that didn't affect her beauty; she is looking stunning as she is growing by age like eternal Rekha Ji.

Ajita Italiya being a well-known cyclist has also honored with many awards and she is also an inspiring mom for her kids as both her boys also have a record on their name at the age of 13 and 10.

She is also a fabulous singer, her voice is no lesser than a top vocalist, and her recent album is the proof of it. Every song of her till now has been super hit, and she has got a massive response on Youtube and other music channels.

Last but not list, she is an inspiring Entrepreneur as she is holding two businesses one Ajiliyaa being the top favorite multi-designer store having top-notch designers of the country and cafe Ajiliyaa a little health cafe designed by her own recipes.

Ajita Italiya is also a trustee of a well-known school Sanskrit Bharti with has more than 5000 students.

She dropped down her studies after 12th as she got married at an early age but her love for education amber stopped and she did a hotel management course and also and ùsa certified image management professional after her two kids.

Ajita Italiya is truly a gem of a person; she knows how to use the skill in the right direction. The success which she is getting is proof of it. We are sure that this Diva is going to make even more prominent in the future because she has so much in her which is going to come out in the coming years.

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