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Meet Dubai's Fashionista Dakshita Kumar, better-known as doll_daks

Some are born to live a lavish lifestyle in titanic proportions and are given many tags like Diva, trendsetter and many more. These are not only words taken from the dictionary of the Rich, who set an example to the world that life can be lived like this too.

We came across an exceptional Diva from Dubai, who is making her mark with several years of hard work. She has made her life without any godfather all thanks to her skills, positivity, and belief to experience life with a whole heart. She is setting a perfect example to many others. A girl too can make it big if she believes she can. We are talking about Dubai’s doll Dakshita Kumar aka doll_daks. 

Dakshita Kumar aka doll_daks is a notable celebrity. She travels around the world for her work. You will often see her attending top events not only in Dubai but in other countries too. No country in the world is left where she has not visited. As a big name of Dubai, her presence is always there in top events. She often gets an invitation from various events of Hollywood and Bollywood. 

Being an Investment Connoisseur Dakshita Kumar is pretty close to the top names of the worlds renowned celebrities as she is an advisor to many. Living in Dubai all her life she has become an investment Guru for VIP people, Soccer players, etc. Her name is well known in Dubai's social circle. She loves to visit fashion events and social gatherings in Dubai and other countries.

Being a fashion Diva, she is an inspiration to many how-to portray yourself in top names gathering. Her style is no lesser than the top Designers. Her every look is liked by many celebrities and also an inspiration; That's why people call her "doll" aka doll_daks. 

She loves to travel to different countries in the world and is a unique kind of a blogger whose every post becomes news for others revealing cities best-kept secrets along with investment opportunities in them is her specialty. You can call Dakshita Kumar aka doll_daks of Dubai a real influencer. She is a splendid example to the people who want to achieve big in their life, especially girls.

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