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Meet Gen-Next Fashion Designer : Mrs.Dipti Vijayakar

Dipti Vijayakar makes trends of her own via Kazbee collection

Fashion designers hold a special place in our world. A designer needs to look past the present patterns, to sort out what the following enormous style will be. Having the option to think creatively, helps to get out of predicaments in a crunch. Dipti Vijaykar is one immensely talented Mumbai-based designer who channels her inner creativity and transforms the elegance of Maharashtrian attire.

Graduating from Sophia College, Dipti founded the world of authentic Zari ‘Kazbee’ collection ethnic lounge. With her unique skill set of designing, she drew the attention of Marathi celebrities.

Taking motivation from custom, Dipti attempts to join it into current plans. To make hypnotising gatherings, the brand utilises its involvement with hand weaving. They spend significant time in marriage outfits, making gently hand-tailored masterpieces that can be passed on as treasures. The mark flawlessly mixes conventional classiness with current components to make suffering patterns that never appear to become dated.

Dipti Vijayakar realises the dream she has built over the years. She says, “We as designers run around the clock to get everything in place. We understand the importance of fashion and how one needs to have the perfect dress to feel confident. Every piece we create comes from a mindset that whoever adorns it feels the best version of herself.”

Her team has always shared her enthusiasm for aesthetics and application, which has resulted in an ever- growing clientele. Today, she has established a base for her label in Mahim, from which she serves clients all over Mumbai and believes in bringing smiles to her clients' faces with abundant joy to their lives.

Being a designer it is important to give client satisfaction the utmost importance. Client feedback is reassured and confirmed. Her designs being genuinely authentic and of an eloquent class are one of the grounding reasons that attracts celebrity attention.

Dipti has spent her days working on current designs and creating new ones. Her tireless efforts are the sole reason for making the Kazbee collection a brand one looks forward to.

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