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Meet India's Top Entrepreneur and Founder of Kaimz Media- Cherry Garg

Cherry (Mukul Garg) wears too many hats at the same time making him a versatile person. He is an Entrepreneur, Producer and digital marketer at the age of 17. He was born in Sangrur, Punjab on 18 March, 2000 in a Hindu family. His teenage life revolved around music, and films along with exploring the power of digital media.

In his childhood, he used to enjoy watching movies catching them at home or in theatres.
This helped him absorb the stories and the scenes like sponges. He always knew he would turn his passion into a successful career. Now, he is looking ahead to some big collaborations or projects in films or music. Some of these include the Song where he was involved in its production along with the music song called Dark Future with Harry Chahal. While being so active in music and films, he also has been decent in his studies. He has completed his graduation from Patiala, Punjab. While being a student and busy in his music and films, he also explored digital marketing.

Cherry is CEO of KAIMZ MEDIA , dealing with clients and businesses who approach him for solutions to prosper on the web. He has been linked with several celebrities as well while being in the domain of digital marketing apart from his day-to-day music and film work with them in Punjabi Music Industry. His social media profiles talk a lot about his personal and professional life, which he keeps on sharing to his fans a lot. He intends to fly and this is just his start and is confident to rise high in his success ladder.

Instagram - www.instagra.com/thecherrygarg

Facebook - www.facebook.com/27000garg

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