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Meet Luxewalk®, a Candle Brand That Will Light-up Your Life With Joy

Luxewalk® is one of the new brands that can change the way you choose and buy candles. With a range of one of the finest quality candles on the planet, Luxewalk® is on a journey to light up your life with joy and add a rejuvenating side to it with their mesmerizing and heart-winning fragrances.

Whether you are a passionate candle lover or light-up scented candles once in a while, you may be missing the fact that most candles contain paraffin wax. Even many soy candles contain a mix of paraffin in them. The reason is simple… Paraffin is cheap and it provides a great scent throw. However, paraffin is a toxic chemical that could cause headaches, cancer, respiratory issues, and grave diseases like kidney damage, etc. Not only do we often buy such candles unknowingly, but also use them without dwelling on the repercussions.

Luxewalk® is one of the very few brands, which proudly claims that their candles are produced sans paraffin wax. Luxewalk® candles are made of pure coconut and soy wax blends, which are organic, sustainable, non-toxic, bio degradable and environment friendly. According to Luxewalk®, coconut wax provides a better scent throw, which makes the candles stand out from the rest.

Luxewalk® offers fragrances by the names of Serenity, Treasure Island, Black Beauty, Lavender, Arabian Nights, Satin Soft, etc. These candles not only prove to be extremely calming and relaxing, but also add to your life’s aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, Luxewalk® has seemed to have acquired its massive reputation from their Instagram feed- it’s worth checking out!

Luxewalk® has recently launched a Candle Tester Kit with tea-lights of all their fragrances, available at a nominal price, at https://luxewalk.com. The kit allows candle buyers to test the miniature candles for fragrances and purchase the ones that they like most. The Candle Tester Kit comes with a 100% cashback that gets deducted when purchasing the regular candles through the Luxewalk® website.

Luxewalk® will soon start to ship candles Internationally also, and it is all set for making large in the candle industry.

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