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Meet Palan Is Known For His Good Deeds and Charity Work

In the unfortunate times of global crisis, the rise of Independent Social Workers has been a boon. Meet Palan is one of those few names that have truly contributed towards the society and its well being and is known for performing many roles and activities in the last few years.

Meet has worked and collaborated with several other organizations - to initiate and work on programs that help the needy all around India. He hails from Rajkot, which is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in India. The place has a certain cultural and historical value to it.

Mr. Palan, by his good deeds and work of the charity, has played a part in laying the foundation for donation and charity work in the city. His work with Ek Rang Children Development Institute was applauded and celebrated in an event that caught a lot of eyes.

He turned a lot of heads when he helped old-age people and children, by donating a whopping 51 Lakhs INR ( More than 67,000$ ) which is almost 10 times what an average Indian earns in their lifetime. 

His efforts were appreciated by Roshan Singh Sodhi, the police commissioner and even the MLA of his locality. He has proved his mettle and value to the city and has been instrumental towards building a better future for his community. All the very best to him for his future good ventures!

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