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Meet Ravi Prabhu , the Indian traveller who has traveled through 186 countries and is on a mission to reach his goal of visiting every country in the world

Ravi Prabhu has traveled through 186 countries so far and on a mission to visit every country on the face of this planet. He has an un-dwindling passion and an indefatigable desire to explore the world without compromising on any other aspects of life. He had a penchant for travel ever since he was a child but then growing up in an Indian middle class family, that was a pipe dream at best, and construed as a very wild dream that's beyond reality.

Now that he is at the tail end of achieving this dream Ravi wants to use this experience to inspire and guide people with similar aspirations. Ravi Prabhu was born in the state of Odisha, grew up in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and now lives in the USA. He leaves no stone unturned or ever miss an opportunity to visit places far and wide, interact with people from all walks of life there by making an attempt to understand the intricacies of life better. He visited Bhutan when he was only 9 and his journey never stopped until now. He has traveled to about 110 countries using an Indian passport and he specially mentions this to clear many perceptions and misconceptions about traveling with an Indian passport not being easy. 

 Traveling the world has become an addiction, a passion and a compulsive disorder (in a good way) for Ravi Prabhu , but then this journey has not been a cake walk. It is extremely challenging as he is only a part time traveler. He never gave up on having a family life or a full time job as he firmly believes in experiencing and enjoying all aspects of life. While this sounds interesting this always poses to be a logistical nightmare. “Having an understanding life partner has been one of the most important aspects in providing a seamless and stress free balance in planning umpteen trips round the globe”, says the avid traveller.  When asked about global warming “I’m a conscious traveler and try to go green everywhere I go to help neutralise the large carbon foot print emanating from flight travel. I drive electric cars at home and take umpteen steps in making many aspects and elements of life GREEN” , describes Ravi. 

 Lockdown owing to the current pandemic has put a big spanner in his plans to complete the remaining 9 countries. He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA  where he is quarantined and works from home right now. On asking about how the lockdown is treating him and his family he says , “Since I live with my family in my own house nestling amongst wide green spaces, lakes and running tracks, the lockdown has not been a challenge to cope with. I try to watch as many movies as I can and cycle at least 15 miles each day to keep my sanity in check”.

 He is often posed with questions to short list the most amazing place in the world and without any bias he cites that “No place matches the charm, variety, color and thrill of India; and I’m not saying this because I’m an Indian! There’s never a dull day in India, and there is always something different in every part of the country. I wouldn’t flinch for a bit if I have to return to India and spend the rest of my life there. A lifetime isn’t enough for me to explore India.“ “ we live in an amazing world replete with beauty and variety. Small constraints should not limit one from travelling. People can always find something unique, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘foreign’ travel. I urge people to take that leap of faith and make the move. Aim high and set a dream for yourself and work towards that goal. Time, money and energy are three important essentials and the magic lies in authoritatively allocating these scarce resources” concludes Mr Ravi Prabhu. 

You can connect with him on social media:Instagram Soaringeagletrots  and YouTube Soaringeagletr

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