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Meet Singing Sensation and Star Performer of India- Abhishek Mendiratta and Nikhil Mendiratta

Music is an integral part of India; our music has grown a lot in terms of popularity. Our music has reached many top countries in the world. The rise of Indian music and singers is a good sign for our next-gen singers. With the growing music industry, we are finding some gem of singers who are ruling social media platforms to every music chart and on television too. 

Out of the top list of next-gen singers, we found Abhishek Mendiratta as a classic vocal artist who is ruling youtube and other social media platforms with his fresh voice. His new song "Love you" got, and fantastic response as more than 2,198,805 viewed and enjoyed his song — Woohoo that's not a small number. His rising popularity is an alarm to top-notch singers of India. 

Abhishek Mendiratta and Nikhil Mehndiratta is famous as AbhiNikks on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms. Their Oye Hoye song was also and superhit song. They are young and energetic lad loves music more than anything else in their life.

Abhi has chocolaty looks with a fantastic voice; His vocals, lyrics, and style are similar to Honey Singh ... nd we can say very soon Abhinikks will rule in Bollywood , their voice is loved by millions not only in India but worldwide. They are a next-gen singer who is perfect in every department. Abhishek Mendiratta knows that only singing can not work in today's time if you have to grow globally. He works on his looks remains fit and fab to look perfect on screen and also in events, concerts and other places.

Growth of talent like Abhishek Mendiratta and Nikhil Mehndiratta (AbhiNikks ) is a win-win for Bollywood and Indian music as this kind of singers give us global fan following, which means more money in Indian music. 

They have sung many songs in the past few years and many more are going to come in 2020. According to the sources, they are going to collaborate with many big names for albums and movies. Here's wishing talented singer and star performer Abhishek Mendiratta and Nikhil Mehndiratta (Abhinikks) all the best for the future, we hope that they make us proud with their lovely voice and energetic performances.

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