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Miquel Blázquez Font is a Sports Journalist of par excellence

Miquel Blázquez Font is a known name when it comes to the Sports Journalist circles in Barcelona, Spain. Born on 26th July 1999 and brought up in Spain, he graduated in Communication Sciences from the prestigious institute - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). His career in journalism started with few local newspapers and radios. He knew what he has to do in his life. Hence his inclination towards journalism started when he was barely ten years of age.  It all started with listening to sports radio and he continued doing for a few years to finally decide to be a journalist. 

When he turned 19, he was the part of Radio Kanal Barcelona. His love for sports allowed him to get expertise in sports journalism. He has remained the part of many newspapers and Radio working as a sports journalist. He has currently engaged in the Radio Kanal Barcelona's Information Services apart from being the part of several media groups that are specialized in sports. He remains the part and parcel of the daily sports information program at Sin Concesiones Radio, which is directed by Marçal Lorente. This program deals with offering daily sports updates mostly focussing football apart from other sports as well. 

Besides, Blázquez is also the part of other broadcast groups where he contributes as a commentator on the sports broadcasts for different matches (La Liga and Champions League) of the Futbol Club Barcelona. Besides, he is also active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. His growing popularity in sports journalism and his collaborations with different media houses have led him to emerge as an influencer as well who helps individuals and groups to emerge as a brand over the web. He intends to go long in this field until he achieves big as a sports media person.

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