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Myths and Facts about Food Supplements by Charanjit Singh Sehmbi

A common slogan on the internet is “modern problems require the modern solutions”. This holds true, especially when it comes to diet and nutrition. There are countless blogs after blogs and YouTube videos on how to plan out a proper diet and what foods are best for it, but the problem is not to find out a proper diet but to keep up and continue it. This creates an illusion that you have planned a proper diet so you might be getting all the nutrition too. Furthermore, while your diet is balanced, it is not possible to maintain it daily if you are a working common man. This leaves gaps in your nutrition which bound to end up causing problems. Food supplements resolve this problem as their addition will make sure you can get the required nutrition daily.

Food supplements are natural products rich in mineral, protein and vitamins which fill the gaps in nutrition and are regarded as totally safe worldwide. Another thing is that these things are easily available and required is very less amount of work. However there are some myths around it on the internet, common ones are as follow-

  • Supplements are drugs – This is totally false, food supplements are completely natural and organic. While some food supplements are available in the form of pills, those are not of synthetic nature.
  • Supplements may cause problems – This is a total myth, food supplements are completely safe for people of all age. Mixing it with food does not alter it in any way.
  • Supplements are not scientifically proven–Food supplements are scientifically proven to be beneficial to humans. Expert nutritionists and doctors often advise people to include some food supplements in their diet. There are plenty of scientific literatures on the effectiveness of food supplements in treating malnutrition in children.
  • All supplements are the same – While adding any kind of food supplement will benefit you each kind of supplement serve a different purpose. For example, dairy supplements help you with protein and calcium intake. If you have trouble figuring it out, there are also whole nutrition food supplements available that can work with any kind of food.
  • Supplements can change your food – The addition of food supplement does not change the taste and flavor of your food. If you still feel like it, you can take different food supplements in form of juice or pills.

So there you have it, the common myths and facts about food supplements. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is a health and nutrition expert, you can follow him on social media to know more.

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