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Nishu Arora To Start Her Travel Blog With Gunjeet Kaur

Life is dramatic and definitely not easy, but it can be very interesting when you meet someone likeminded. Nishu Arora and Gunjeet Kaur are business partners who are all set to explore the world together. They have been lately making their way on social media. While Nishu is a reputed name in the digital marketing world, Gunjeet is a food blogger and soon plans to become a travel influencer as well.

Well, they are poles apart but there is one thing common among the two. Their love for travel. The two business partners love to travel be it a short trip or a long vacation. The passionate travellers are soon planning to start their own travel blog/vlog where they will give a sneak peek into their travel diaries. Speaking about it, Gunjeet said, “Travelling makes me feel alive and with Nishu being at my side, the journey becomes more lively. Rather than capturing pictures and posting on social media, I live in the moment and enjoy every essence of it. I love to do food reviews and love to write food blogs. Starting a travel blog is something which I had in my mind and we will most probably begin it by the year-end.”

With having travelled 6 countries so far, the duo plans to travel across Turkey, Japan, Czech Republic, Switzerland and France by the coming year. One thing which is clear is that with travelling, the two will not just explore different places but also promote their respective professions. On that note, we are really excited about their blog and we wish them good luck for their collaborative venture.

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