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“No virus bigger than hunger so help around & together we will get through this”- Vijay Sharma

“There is no virus bigger than hunger and if you save a single person or a single family, you are a true carer of humanity. So, it is the time to step up and this is the time when we are meant to help each other survive through the agony of this phase, the lockdown. Only if we save the needy from their misery of hunger, we would be able to save them from this deadly coronavirus”, said Vijay Sharma spreading his message around. His words are true and so is his helping notion. He knows and has seen the desire, the hunger, and the love in the eyes of people while he with his other team members of Vishwa Shanti Mission organization was out there helping the people in need. As per one of the team members, Kamal Sharma the Vishwa Shanti Mission organization’s accounted number of reached out families with the daily essential deliveries is more than 1500 and increasing. Their goals are clear and all they wish for is reach out these deprived families and help.

The increasing havoc of COVID-19 pandemic and the situation of lockdown has left people destitute making the lives of poor, a complete misery. There are many families out there unable to have even their 2 times meal. Vijay said, “the government has been trying to help but their reach has not been made to many families which still exist “in the dark side of no help received yet.” But what we see is, even after facing so much, they still hold the positivity, even when they are living their lives on the roadside without any help, they are trying to survive. Their hopes exist only on the social workers and the organizations like Vishwa Shanti Mission organization and this is why we as a team are out there to help them believe that, humanity exists are we are making every possible attempt to deliver the essentials and food as much as we can.”

“It isn’t a misery unless we willingly let them suffer alone” and in no way, Vijay Sharma and the Vishwa Shanti Mission organization other team members are willing to step back. The team has reached to help during this lockdown, many families in the lanes of Mathura-Vrindavan, who are in need and require essential help. They have also been trying to arrange food for the needy since last 25 days of the lockdown. 

Recently when they reached out with food and essentials to the Transport Nagar empty fields where more than 40 families are living in huts they made for their survival, their eyes shined bright and their heartfelt love was visible in the way they invited the team members. The head of these families also thanked them, showered their blessings and wished them good. Listening to their concerns it did gave a sense of satisfaction and the help provided did seem worth. One member amidst those families named Malti said that “they were all from varied placed and came here to find a job and have a living. Someone does the job of making mats while others make the brooms but now amidst this lockdown, every work is on halt. They do not have any other income sources and even the savings they had got used in the starting days of the lockdown. So, all they do is, sit and wait around with the hope that any of the passer-by’s eyes would fall on them and due to little of sympathy they have within, will give these families 2-time meal for their survival.

Vijay said, “this is the time to stand up for humanity and help them. We should be willingly taking the steps to not just help the people from this deadly virus but also ensure that they do receive their meal to survive. Our team is ensuring with all the help they can provide. Masks are even distributed amidst the people together with food for the needy as this is our moral duty.” Truly, this is how we will survive the pandemic and the virus and what would come after the end of it all will be happiness and blessings around.

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