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Noratram Loroli awarded Silver Play Button Award

Moving towards the digital sector of the world, now the country is also moving fast. The voice of the poor and deprived sections of the country is also being raised vocally through this platform. The prestigious Ambedkarite People’s Voice, a prestigious institution raising the voice of the underprivileged, has been awarded by YouTube, the world's largest digital platform.

The organization's editor Noratram Loroli said that Ambedkarite People's Voice was established in the digital sector on 13 January 2019. It is an institution registered by the Government of India. Its Youtube has completed 6 lakh subscribers in just one year. For this reason, the world's largest company YouTube honored the institution by sending them the Silver Play Button Award. Noratram Loroli, the editor of this institution, said that along with the institute digital, people are also getting face to face. He said that the institute is working to its full potential in various areas of the country.

Loroli said that our website is also running two websites to raise the voice of the poor, the afflicted and the deprived. Our team will continue to work in this area continuously.

Apart from this, Noratram Loroli has been serving the society for a long time by holding important posts of "Dr. Ambedkar Student Front of India (DASFI)".

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