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Over 83% of Indians consider sustainability when buying fashion items

YouGov research has revealed the interesting facts about the Indians. As per the recently released report of YouGov, a majority of Indians think sustainable manufacturing processes are important when buying fashion products. 

The sustainable fashion movement – which thinks it is important to gear the fashion industry towards being more ecological and socially just – has gained huge media coverage in recent years. This new data shows that more than four in five people (83%) consider sustainability when buying fashion items but it is far behind other factors. 

Note: Data collected online by YouGov Profiles among around 1007 respondents in India in July 2019 using YouGov’s panel of over 6 million people worldwide. Data is representative of the adult online population in the country.

What numbers says?

The report highlighted, at present, seven in ten people (72%) in India said they have heard about sustainable fashion. From these, two in five (40%) don’t know much about it, around a fifth (19%) know but have never tried buying it and only one in eight (12%) have bought it in the past.

YouGov’s survey shows that while it is less of a motivating factor when making a fashion purchase, more than four in five (84%) people who are aware of this concept are interested in buying sustainable fashion items. However, a better design range of sustainable fashion products (64%) is the key driver in what would motivate someone to buy sustainable items, followed by competitive prices (58%) and sustainability certification on labels (56%).

What do people say?

Many people also said they are likely to purchase more sustainable products if brands highlight the benefits and impact of buying sustainable fashion products in their communication (41%) and if they give reward points for buying sustainable fashion products (41%). More than a fifth (23%) would do so if sustainable fashion becomes a new trend after being endorsed by celebrities or influencers.

Top motivators to make a purchase

These motivations work differently across different demographic groups. While the top motivators for men are competitive prices (58%), and better designs (57%), in both cases women are more likely than men to be encouraged by these factors to make a purchase (59% and 72% respectively).

Difference exits even among age groups

While a good design range motivates both millennial and GenX, the latter are more likely to be influenced by labels containing information regarding the sustainable process of manufacturing (66% vs 50%) and by cheaper prices for sustainable fashion (68% vs 53%) as compared to millennial.

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