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Pak Army Needs a Blunt Message, Time for Niceties Is Over

NEW DELHI: Pakistan Army's rogue Border Action Team (BAT) which consists of regulars of Pak army and terrorists of various outfits not only killed but mutilated  the bodies of two Indian soldiers at Krishna Ghati sector in Poonch district in Jammu region early this week, sparking a national outrage over the reprehensible and inhuman act. 
The military controlled Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) created BAT with ulterior motive of controlling India-Pakistan border by abducting, killing and mutilating members of Indian Patrol Teams.
The usual modus operandi of the members of BAT is to penetrate the Indian territory and not only kidnap Indian soldiers but also indulge in ghastly act of mutilating bodies of Indian soldiers which no civilized army does. Hence, ISI involved persons of Special Services Group (SSG) as well as members of terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba (L-e-T), Jaish-e-Mohammed (J-e-M) and other terrorist groups created by ISI to carry out such inhuman acts against India.
In the past BAT was involved in several dastardly acts. In January 2013 BAT beheaded Lance Naik Hemraj while on October 28 and in November 2016 they again mutilated bodies of Indian soldiers. Nonetheless Pakistan army personnel were involved in mutilating Indian security personnel even before formation of BAT.
The shameful acts of BAT have full support of Pakistani army as the border posts give cover to BAT operations through heavy firing with malafide intention to distract the attention of Indian security forces. BAT also facilitates the infiltration of terrorists in India.  BAT personnel are equipped with AK-47 rifles, imported snow clothing, satellite phones with GPS, high energy food just to name a few.
BAT's action came soon after Pakistani Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited border areas and promised assistance to the separatist movement in Jammu & Kashmir.
Analysts claim that General Bajwa gave a harsh message to Prime Minister Sharif that there cannot be cordial relations with India and he should not think that after departure of General Sharif he can dominate the army which is most powerful in Pakistan.
It may be pointed out that only a week ago Indian business tycoon Sajjan Jindal had met Nawaz Sharif. The meeting was a part of back-channel diplomacy and reportedly paving the way of arranging a meeting between Sharif and Modi during Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit scheduled to be held at Astana, Kazakhstan in June this year.
General Bajwa also communicated to separatists in J&K that Pakistan will continue to support their anti-India secessionist agitation. Pakistani army, which proclaims itself as the saviour of Pakistan, also impressed upon masses that army will continue to attack and exterminate Indian soldiers.
There are also reports that the launching pads in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) which had been dismantled after Indian surgical strike have again emerged with extra vigour and more than 200 terrorists are waiting to infiltrate in India. 
Pakistan has also arrested an innocent Indian citizen Kul Bhushan Jadhav and after falsely implicating him for espionage he was convicted and sentenced to death. Pakistan denied consular access to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad which indicates that the charges against Kul Bhushan were false and fabricated.   
Whole nation expressed deep sense of resentment and anger over the mutilation of Indian soldiers'bodies and Defence Minister Arun Jaitley assured the nation that the “sacrifice will not go in vain” and promised to take appropriate action.
Indian armed forces smashed two border posts of Pakistan and killed more than seven Pakistani soldiers. India also returned Pakistani students before completion of their tour of India and refused to give visas to Pakistani wrestlers as well as squash players to participate in Asian Championship but these measures are not enough, India has to take severe actions against Pakistan so that in future it desist from such cowardly actions.
Besides these mild measures India should not agree for any negotiations or should not indulge in Track II diplomacy. There is a problem between Civil and Military rulers in Pakistan but India cannot suffer because of the rift between them. In fact there is no use talking to toothless civilian government. First of all India should immediately withdraw Most Favoured Nations (MFN) status given to Pakistan. Secondly, under Indus Water Treaty India is entitled to use 20 percent water hence the country should make arrangements so that India can utilize its share of water and in case of war their share of water too. India should also downgrade the diplomatic status instead of High Commissioner a junior person can be posted in Islamabad.  India should plan a surgical strike not on launching pads but deep inside PoK on terrorist camps .Indian forces have right to go inside PoK as it is integral part of India. The training camps of terrorists should be devastated in such a manner that not only the trainees but the trainers are also exterminated which will give a blunt message to the rogue Pakistani army which is imparting training to terrorists to infiltrate and create mayhem and violence in India and raise the temperature in Kashmir Valley as well.   
 (Jai Kumar Verma is a Delhi-based security analyst and a former senior officer of R&AW. Views expressed are personal.)

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