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Pankaj Kumar with his upcoming music video release

Pankaj Kumar has a special place in the hearts of music lovers ever since he first came into the music industry. He is happy to have found a place of his own amidst the many new voices being heard every other day. The initial phase when he started off with listening and imitating great singers, no one ever thought he would be at this place. He was confident in himself and that took him to the next level. The way he worked behind his voice, playing around with sound has made him a different person altogether.

From Imitating gems like Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Talat Mehmood, SD Burman, MD Rafi to creating his style of his own is what the versatile Pankaj Kumar is. His love for music has taken him to places. The experience he holds in the field of music is commendable as he was fortunate enough to have worked with some great names from the industry. His classics include "Aa Mere Paas Aa", "Tum Mujhe Yun Mile"  featuring Sadhana Sargam, "Dil Ye Deewana" featuring Alka Yagnik, "Mere Humsafar", “Baharon Ki Tamanna” featuring Shreya Ghoshal and the list continues. His festive hits which can't be missed out are "Ganpati Bappa Morya Re", "Holi Khele Nand Lala".

Pankaj Kumar is the talk of Social Media as he is followed by many and his fan base has always been immensely supportive. His Upcoming music video releases are something which needs to be looked upon "O Baby", a Hip-Hop funk song and "Dil Ne Tere Dil Se" which a romantic trans duet featuring the well-known playback singer Khushboo Jain. The Video is under the Post - Production Stage and we all must eagerly wait for this release which will be happening later this year.

His Stage Presence is astounding as he has a different style of presenting himself when on stage and that's how an artist has to be. He carries the confidence and that helps him to give out the best in each his performances. He feels originality is the most important and long-lasting aroma of ingredients for his music as always and that creates some amazing combination of novelty and melody. For now, he seems to be content to bask in the limelight with his upcoming releases and live band renditions.

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