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Parth Parmar's interesting lineup turns audience gaga

Famous Youtuber Parth Parmar has earlier grabbed a lot of eyeballs as a comedian in his Youtube Channel "AmdavadiMan". He has even made comedy videos with celebrities for their film promos on his channel. Some of those include Bau Na Vichar, Golkeri, G-The Film, and Raghu CNG. However, recently Parth has been thorough about changing his stream from a comedian to a mainstream actor. Recently, he is reported to work with superstar Vikram Thakor in the upcoming film 'Tu Adhuri Varta Na Chhedo'. According to sources, the shooting of the film has already been completed and the dates of release are in speculation. However, just the release of this news has created a huge buzz on the internet. The audience just can't wait to witness what has Parth got to offer alongside star Vikram Thakor. Even, the entertainment industry has showcased their excitement of the project on social media.

Sources suggest that after this movie, there are several other movies in the line for Parth Parmar. There is also another big breaking project of Parth coming soon, next year. It is not a movie but a unique and interesting project that the entertainment industry has never worked on before. Reacting to that Parth said "I have never worked on such a unique project before and neither has the audience watched something like this earlier. So, I am really glad. It feels very different to shift my genre from comedy to mainstream acting. But, I have always been inclined towards acting and thus it feels great. The project will be out next year. So, I will request all my audience to stay tuned till then and shower their love on my projects that will release soon."

Parth has earlier acted in several music videos including Kinjal Dave's "Parne Maro Viro" and Vijay Suvada's "Tara Hum" as a cast. His incredible screen timings in these videos are thus making the audience turn gaga for his upcoming projects.

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