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Partha Khanolkar Is Well known for his lavish and peripatetic lifestyle

Partha Khanolkar is one of India’s most envied young entrepreneurs. He is well known for his lavish and peripatetic lifestyle. Partha heads the marketing and sales aspect of an American global company. He believes that the path to success lies in evolution, whether it is the evolution of ideas, services and products or technology. He says that 
An entrepreneur should always have an open mind and eagerness to learn new things. It is imperative to understand that the only way to keep at the top is to keep on changing and evolving with the time. Awareness and evolution also reflect on how he chooses to live his private life. His extensive travel for work gives him numerous chances to interact with people from different cultures and fields of work. He believes that this gives him a better understanding of languages, cuisines & technology. 
His line up of supercars and watches is one of the most coveted collections in India and has brought him an immense fan following on Instagram. 
Partha likes to strike a balance in life. As much as he enjoys living a lavish lifestyle and spends on his homes and travel, he feels that his place of privilege should be used to help people in need through various mentorship programs and philanthropic activities. He also supports various charities that work towards educating children as he believes that every child is the future of our country.

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