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Pasha Eshghi sheds light on the beginning of his journey as a filmmaker

One of the most rising names in the Canadian film industry – Pasha Eshghi is in the headlines for all the right reasons. He came in limelight when he produced and directed SWERVE, a 2015 action comedy web series which threw light in the story of a limo driver and his adventures with the passengers. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia he always loved to be on the film sets. He attended Collingwood School for 12 years after which he pursued a course in film production from The University of British Columbia. His first project SWERVE consisted of six episodes and starred Alexander Ludwig in it. He considers his first project to be a great learning experience.  

In 2017, he made news after collaborating with Paul Bissonnette as they came up with ‘BizNasty Does BC’ – a mockumentary series explaining British Columbia alongside 17 past and present NHL stars in it. The series left David Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports impressed who later insisted to release it on his network. Later in early 2018, the series was sold to Barstool Sports and was distributed across their platforms after months of negotiations.

Apart from making films, Pasha Eshghi has appeared on screen throughout the series where he played himself. Before this, he played the role of an airline captain in SWERVE which was later followed by a series of skits on Sportsnet where he impersonated Roberto Luongo. In late 2018, he succeeded in a deal with the NHL were they jointly came up with a series named ‘NHL First Timer’. The series of five episodes showed people being taken to their first NHL games to convert them into hockey fans. With telling such diverse stories through cinema, Pasha Eshghi has got a lot to offer to all the movie lovers in the future.

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