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Passion and resilience makes us a power couple: Harkirat Kaur Kukreja

Popular Mompreneur, Harkirat Kaur Kukreja, 32, of Ludhiana and wife of well-known Sikh businessman and philanthropist, Harjinder Singh Kukreja, is a food entrepreneur, Instagram influencer and a social activist.

Harkirat and Harjinder are an interesting couple. Their life journey has its ups and downs, but they have always walked through life together. “We source the bliss in our marriage from Sikh scriptures which teach us that husband and wife are not just two people who merely sit together but a couple who are one soul in two bodies,” says Harkirat Kaur Kukreja.

Over the years, Harkirat and Harjinder have grown closer than ever. Their personalities, desire to help people and their entrepreneurial minds makes them a power couple. The creative aspect and the marketing strategy that Harkirat holds, has only sky-rocketed the family business, Belfrance Bakers and Chocolatiers. The two are exuberant when it comes to work and with a goal to expand their business, Belfrance across India, they are set to thrive and achieve. The Chocolate Ganesha is one of the most successful creations which was put forth by Harkirat Kaur Kukreja. Belfrance Bakers and Chocolatiers are now known across the world for the same.

The couple, Harkirat and Harjinder are well-known for their active family travels. They’ve traveled to many countries across the globe and as much of the luxury travellers that they are, they also love to experience and wander across lesser known cities. Their travel experience and suggestions help the many who follow them to find their perfect vacations. These travel days bring in many opportunities for their business as well, when they visit new cafés and restaurants, add their innovativeness and adapt a few ideas into their own business. Walking right alongside each other, the two are equals in every aspect and are each other’s heroes.

Being social activists, Harkirat and Harjinder are active amongst many good causes that tend to help the needy. Harkirat makes it a point to visit orphanages with her children and spend quails time with orphans. She gives a lot of attention to young women there and motivates them to empower themselves. Her husband, Harjinder is always supportive of Harkirat and her Sikh spirit of service.

With the zeal to always be of service, Harkirat Kaur Kukreja has a soft corner in her heart for Afghan Sikh and Hindu refugees who had to flee their homeland and seek refuge in India. She is a mentor to many Afghan Sikh girls and inspires them to acquire skills for their empowerment. And as much of a hero as Harkirat is to people, she also is a Sikh Supermom who always inspires and teaches her children the many important Sikh teachings and family values. She also makes it a point to take her children to Gurudwara every Sunday and involves them in aspects of Langar Seva which involves cooking and serving free food.

This power couple is an inspiration to many to always support, love and walk by each other through the good and tough times of life. You surely don’t want to miss out on how amazing these personalities are and so, catch them on Instagram @harkiratkukreja and @harjinderkukreja.

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