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Philosophies Of Mohamad Ghayad That Keep Le Mariage Winning

Mohamad Ghayad single-handedly founded Le Mariage in 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon, with a vision to make it a world-class brand in architectural wedding designs. From Beirut he expanded to Dubai and Qatar, executing out-of-the-world weddings for the high and mighty, and the royals. He could have ruled his empire like an emperor but elected to embrace the all-inclusive style of leadership. He understands the power of people and never for once in his 10 years remarkable journey in the industry had he taken it for granted. And this has been the philosophy that has oiled the wheel of progress of Le Marriage.

With more than 40 employees toiling tirelessly for a common goal and vision in a rapidly evolving industry, Mohamad recognizes that investing in people is the key. He embraces this with obsessive passion and utmost presence of mind.

“Making every wedding unique and different has always been a challenge. The importance is finding the right people to work with, who would have a similar vision, excellent work ethics, and skills. Mohamad is always putting a lot of effort into finding new, not yet well-discovered artists, form a great and talented team, and collaborate with the right people,” a spokesperson of the company once revealed.

“The whole team is always working hard on creating unique and different designs. Investing in designers and finding experts in their fields from any part of the world is sacrosanct to the belief at Le Mariage,” the spokesperson had added.

To build an impeccable reputation like Le Mariage has done over the years, takes more than the company's vision, its people and the alliances it had formed along the way. Mohamad says that being transparent and honest with his clients takes a big part in the success of Le Mariage. Particularly, dealing with the royals who form the largest chunk of their clientele requires not only uncommon tact but art. 

“Working with royal families requires a high level of professionalism in your work to meet their high expectations. Also, it is important to have excellent communication skills to treat royal families accordingly,” Mohamad had said in an interview.

Mohamad started his business in Beirut in 2009. However, having the burning desire, always exploring different enterprising ways to be different in his work and to change the narrative in the wedding industry, he soon expanded into Qatar and Dubai markets. The company has executed over 50 royal weddings, including the most expensive ones the world had ever seen.

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