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PM Modi hits out against Pakistan, describing it as ``Exporter Of Terror.''

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched a frontal attack against Pakistan, labelling it as ``exporter of terror'' and a nation which was hell-bent on disturbing peace and indulging in bloodbath in Asia. 
Declaring that he was directly addressing the people of Pakistan, Mr. Modi sent  strong message, pledging that ``India will never forget the terror attack in Uri'' right on the Line of Control in the Kashmir Valley in which 18 soldiers of Indian Army were martyred when terrorists stormed an army base last Sunday. 
In his first public speech since Uri terror attack, Prime Minister Modi said while giving an interesting spin: ``People of Pakistan, we are ready to fight you. Show courage and let's fight poverty and see who eradicates poverty faster. Who wins the fight against unemployment first, who wins the battle against infant mortality first.""
At the same time, Mr. Modi was unsparing in warning Islamabad, vowing that India would ensure that the international community would work to isolate Pakistan. India, he said, would not be cowed down by terrorism. He said that 110 terrorists have been killed by the Indian Army in the last few months. ``Terrorists have tried to strike 17 times recently, they were successful in one incident and caused loss of lives of 18 Indian Army jawans,"" he said. .
Pointing out that the neighbouring nations gained independence at the same time, the PM said that  ""India exports software, you export terror"". There was little the world expected from Pakistan's leaders, who ""read speeches written by terrorists,"" said Mr. Modi while addressing a party rally at BJP National Council meet in Kozhikode in Kerala. 
Describing terrorism as enemy of the entire humanity, the Prime Minister said, Pakistani leaders had talked about are talking about waging  a thousand years war with India. He said that he was ready to accept the challenge, cautioning the people of Pakistan that their leaders were misleading them by talking about Kashmir when they just cannot take care of even the part of Kashmir under Pakistan's occupation and could not retain East Pakistan which is Bangaldesh today.

The Prime Minister urged the people of Pakistan to ask their leaders why is it that Pakistan had become epicentre of terrorism. He said the day is not far off when the people of Pakistan will come out to fight against terrorism. Mr. Modi said that in the 21st century, India must be free from poverty, unemployment, discrimination, injustice and corruption.

The Prime Minister said, Kerala has the potential of being number one state of the country and BJP and the central government will always be ready to help in this endeavour. He said, India is being recognized the world over as the fastest moving economy.

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