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PM Modi lays the foundation stone of Mahendra Pratap Singh University in Aligarh

On the auspicious occasion of Radha Ashtami, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday laid the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The university is being launched by the Uttar Pradesh government and is named after Jat King,  Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh, an Indian freedom fighter, journalist, writer and social reformer.


At the inauguration ceremony, Modi said,   “We have had several freedom fighters who at different stages of life proved their worth and gave sacrifices for the nation. But unfortunately, the youth of the nation were not introduced to such icons even after gaining independence.” 

Stressing on the defence corridor, PM Modi said, “The world is seeing that from grenades to rifles to fighter jets to drones, everything is being mass-produced in India. Even after decades of gaining independence, India was seen as a defence importer, however, breaking the chains we are now seen as defence exporters.” The Defense Industrial Corridor of Uttar Pradesh will help in making the country self-sustaining in the field of defence production and promoting 'Make in India', he added.

Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University is being established in an area of over 92 acres at Lodha village and Musepur village of Aligarh's Koil tehsil. The university has been affiliated with 395 colleges of the Aligarh division as informed by the official press release. The government's decision to set up the university after the mentioned Jat figure is being seen as a strategy of BJP's bid to win over the dissatisfied communities forth of the pivotal assembly polls in the state early next year.

Admiring the U.P. government, PM Modi said, “The central and UP governments are working together to develop the state. We have to confront together all the forces that are against development here”. He further appreciated the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, under whose leadership, UP was benefitting from a “double-engine sarkar,” referring to the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) governments at the Centre and in the state.

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