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PM Modi meets with top military officials and focuses on theaterisation

On Thursday, a three-day Combined Commanders’ Conference started in Bhopal to discuss theaterisation. The event will feature a speech from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 1 and will highlight several important topics. These include India’s renewed focus on theaterisation to maximize the effectiveness of its military resources in future conflicts. The theaterisation provides the edge, the readiness of its armed forces in light of ongoing tension along the border with China, and the country’s progress towards achieving self-sufficiency in defence manufacturing.


The theme for the three-day Combined Commanders’ Conference is Ready, Resurgent, Relevant. The PMO released a statement stating that the conference would cover a diverse range of topics related to national security, such as jointness and theaterisation within the armed forces. Additionally, they will review the preparedness of the armed forces and the progress made towards achieving self-reliance in the defence ecosystem.


“At the present time, the armed forces examine the real-time demand for theaterisation, quick operational readiness, and atma-nirbhar (self-reliant) as their most crucial aspects. The PM is personally guiding the efforts to bolster the armed forces, which should result in progress in all these areas,” said Air Marshal Anil Chopra (retd), an expert on the defence sector. 


In addition to the event, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Anil Chauhan, and dignitaries of top commanders of the armed forces will join in the conference and Personnel below officer rank (PBOR) will also be present in it. “The conference will involve soldiers, sailors, and airmen from the army, navy, and air force, who will energetically cooperate in the proceeding through inclusive and informal interactions,” PMO said. In 2021, PBOR participated in the Combined Commanders Conference for the first time, which took place in Kevadia, Gujarat and was attended by the Prime Minister. 


At present, the union government is advocating a bill in Parliament that would grant commanders of tri-services organizations the authority to take disciplinary measures against service members from any of the three services. This bill aims to uphold discipline and improve the efficiency of duty discharge, especially for those serving in current or future joint commands or institutions. The timing of the conference coincides with this development.


In addition to setting up a dedicated budget for procuring domestically produced military equipment, the government has implemented various measures to foster autonomy in the defence manufacturing industry. These measures include raising the cap on foreign direct investment (FDI) from 49% to 74% and identifying numerous weapons and systems that are prohibited from being imported. 

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