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Pramod Singh Jadaun uplifts society through his social work

Pramod Singh Jadaun, a well-known social worker, a human rights supporter and a youth leader of the Samajwadi Party, is serving the society through his social work and humanitarian approach. A hardworking person and a renowned social activist, he is gaining social appreciation for persistently working towards the upliftment of the downtrodden and weaker sections of society.

Taking note of this and wanting to help those in need, Pramod laid the foundation for a social initiative to distribute basic supplies to underprivileged workers. Since then, he has organised a number of initiatives and public awareness drives to raise awareness about the covid-19 virus.

Hailing from Tendawa Basantapur, a small village in Bahraich, the birthplace of Harshik Balark, Maharaja Suheldev and Gautam Budh, Pramod’s inclination towards social work has been since childhood. After completing his elementary education from the home district itself, he graduated from Kisan Degree College, Bahraich in the year 2005. During his studies, he founded an NGO named Poornima Mahila and Child Welfare Service Sansthan in 2003 to help the needy. Being an active social worker, he was always involved in bringing a transformation in society and in the lives of those who lack basic necessities of life.

The virtuoso has been appreciated and recognized by some of the prominent figures and was included in the list of respected citizens of the district by the District Magistrate, Bahraich. Apart from this, he was nominated as District Prison Visitor in 2017. At present, he is working towards organising Chaupals in the village to redress the problems of the people.

Apart from this, at present, people are being made aware about environmental protection during the epidemic and plantation campaigns are being organized at various places, besides ration etc. to the people suffering from severe fire in summer.

Believing in Buddhism, he is serving society selflessly in rising caste and fighting against social discrimination. Financial assistance was provided, for this work, he has also engaged an active team and provided benefits to the one in need who were unaware of the government schemes.

Despite accomplishing all his responsibilities on a regular basis, he is actively participating in all social activities and is always prepared to serve the development of the nation no matter what. Pramod Singh Jadaun has garnered a lot of appreciation for his tenacious vision and immovable responsibility towards society. With his constant efforts, he is working to uplift people and help them gain all profits from the society.

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