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Producer and Travel Influencer Sumit Saurabh Journey Is Inspirational

It’s a small world. We never know who we know today, will be the shining star of the world. These stars they are not born, they create themselves and they thrive for more of it. A simple click, a simple word, anything which we consider simple might be a part of their extraordinary world. These, these hearts know they don’t need to prove anyone what they are. They just keep taking their steps for what they wish to see. When talking about those people of lamp lights, we have one name, Sumit Saurabh. A name which not just played his part but with his team and their hard work, created a wonder. They created their name, not just in India but abroad. By winning the world’s biggest amateur filmmaking competition held at Los Angeles. A 48-hour film making project, “2 Shots. 2 Late”, a 7-minute film made by Sumit and his team was ranked 23rd in the best film category. Among 83 countries participating with over 145 short films, what a wow moment to stand at a place and say, “We belong from India”. Sumit played his part well by Producing such a heart-whelming movie. Apart from this Sumit is the founder of Design Circle, which provides help to students by preparing them for entrance exams of institutes like NIFT, NID, PEARL, SRISHTI, SYMBIOSIS, and varied Foreign universities. The institution also aims to hold a “Desizn Conclave” which can have a variety like exhibitions, fashion shows, showcasing young talented designers, etc. They already conducted many exhibitions and are planning to conduct many more at India Habitat centre.

His camera and his ideas are one important thing for him, which no matter how much they avoid, can’t ignore to click the deep moments. This is what makes him inclined towards to become a great photographer, as, “what can be captured by a lens are sometimes the moment of truth, emotion and carry along an unheard story in itself”. He says, “It’s not about just getting the degree from an institution like NIFT, it is about how well you can cope and understand what comes ahead. I never thought, from NIFT to movie producing, acting, etc, etc, will be my life, but what comes along, sometimes it is meant to walk along. This is how we see a different side of us. Something which we never experienced but we become. Helping all those students, I always thought they will be great designers and will rule the world but me being ruler, well I never dreamt of it. For sure I can take it through my career of teaching, as for me teaching is not an old school career, it’s something without which a country will not rise and shine. Sometimes we don’t things but see, here I stand, here I walk and there, right there, I will create a place. keep an eye on me, I am gonna create wonders.”

The talks, the walks and by every means, Sumit seems one of the most cheerful people one can know. He is one such soul who can be well described as, “An image in eye and picture in the photograph”. By being a voice of all those who can’t, he lets the images play its role well.

“By different angles, different shots, He’s pictured bring life to even those not speaking pots.”

He is one such mentor who is trying to support everyone he could. He currently is sponsoring 10 kids in total for their complete educational cost till Higher Secondary. He aims to become one teacher, who is known among its students as a big hand for guidance. Apart from this, he never for sure lacked behind in any way to become a helping hand for all those who needed him. Just, for example, getting to know about his favourite hangout place during college days, being destroyed, he helped the person rebuild the same. 

When one can ask of relations and roles, Sumit never lacks behind. He has made all of them proud either he is a son, a husband, a traveller, a teacher, a photographer, a citizen, he can be said to be fulfilling it all by all means. In all fields, he tries to motivate people and as an entrepreneur all he got to say people out there was- “Be honest, dedicated, a leader who knows how to walk along. Just, stick to business plans and see how it comes your way!”

No matter how many hurdles come in the way, one must know never to stop. Learning not just said but followed by Sumit. He is an example of same and knows well to come out of situations with his win-win attitude. He did face many problems to get good teaching staff for his institution but he worked and it took years to filter best. He is truly one aware person who not just looks after problems but makes them successful. For him something best is- “Don’t just stand and guess, Work a little and get some pressure pressed.” 

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