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Producer Naushad Khan's production house, Indie Music crosses 7 million subscribers

Naushad Khan

It's often easy to turn over a new leaf and start a new journey. But walking on that same path with consistency is a formidable task. Don't you agree? After all, the majority of people give up in between when they can't see success. But, Naushad Khan proves that if you ceaselessly keep doing your work with every ounce of dedication, victory will follow!


The producer founded Indie Music a few years ago and now it is residing in the clouds of success. Recently, its official YouTube channel has gained a whopping 7.12 million subscribers. Isn't that crazy? Of course, it is! Not only that but the music videos released under this label fetch more than 10 million views.


Naushad Khan seemed extremely overwhelmed by this feat and we can comprehend why. The producer couldn't thank all his subscribers, viewers, and well-wishers enough for their unwavering support. He said, "I am extremely grateful to everybody who put their faith in us and our work. This is yet another milestone achievement in my life and I am thankful for the universe."


"As they, behind a thriving company is the hard work of its employees. Similarly, the credit for this success goes to every singer, musician, actor, and other artist who has been a part of Indie Music's project," Naushad Khan further added. He has resolutely paved the way for other fellow music producers. In fact, he set an example that one mustn't give up until you have reached your goal.


He has released a number of hits. His recently released song Toot Jaaun is causing waves on the internet. Apart from that, Piya Re, Naushad Khan has worked with Darshan Raval on his other music videos, like Piya Re, Tum Mere, Dhol Bajaa, Baarishon Mein, Goriye, Duniya Chhor Do, and many more.


He started Indie Music in 2018 and has released numerous hit music videos like Bhula Dunga, Asal Mein, Ek Tarfa, by Indie Music's poster boys Darshan Raval and Aameen, and Tabaah, by Karan Sehmbi and Gurnazar Chattha. We send our best wishes to the producer and hope he keeps amusing us with such harmonic tunes.

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