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Pulkit Vij Creates Buzz in Media for His Work Through Kamal Associates in Real-Estate

The power of social media is really beneficial if you use it in a good way, everything is having its pros and cons but if you use it wisely it will give you the reach you deserve. Pulkit Vij India’s youngest builder is utilizing all of his social media platforms to enhance and grow his business, well he is using it in such a way that his company Kamal Associates has now become one of the best companies in real estate industry. A graduate from Delhi University took his father’s business to new heights and has become a youth icon. He introduces many new schemes and benefits for his clients using his innovative ideas.

Pulkit Vij through his YouTube channel, interact with his clients and also spread knowledge which is a mandate in today’s time for those who want to invest in the real estate industry or need to buy a home. With the motto of “Apna Ghar Sabka Ghar” Pulkit’s father founded Kamal Associates. Instead of spending years in vain, he geared up for his father's business to become a name everyone would know. After years of struggle, he is at a point where he is creating a buzz in the media because of his innovative ideas and hard work. In the initial days, he was very nervous while interacting with masses and even during facing the camera. He practiced day and night to prepare himself and speak up in front of the camera. He then started making videos and coming live to interact with his clients and also with the people who are interested to buy their homes or offices but do not know how to do it. Because of this initiative, Pulkit’s office gets flooded with buyers and hence it was challenging to face so many people all of a sudden, but Pulkit did meditation and now he is dealing with many people with full confidence.

Kamal Associates fulfills the dreams of having your own house and workplace as well. They are having a management team of 200-250 members which majorly includes indirect associates, like vendors, marketers, etc. It is a firm with 20-years of experience in the real estate industry and has come up with a unique cash-back scheme for the buyers of affordable housing in Delhi. The company provides the best price and attractive discounts to the buyers who book their flats with a downpayment of at least 5 lakhs, under this scheme.  Kamal Associates also provide the buyer with a monthly rental guarantee, for 12 months, starting from the date of down payment.

This scheme is one of the best schemes that is offered by the big and renowned companies only. As per this scheme, if the buyer will pay Rs 5 lakh down payment, then the company will give them rent receipts worth Rs 5,000 each for the next 12 payments. That means the buyer is only paying Rs. 4,40,000 to the company. This scheme by Kamal Associates will help the small-scale buyers, who want to buy a home for themselves. Due to Pulkit,s extraordinary presence on Facebook and Instagram, the clients of Kamal Associates are increasing day by day.

Kamal Associates also helps buyers to arrange for up to 100% loans for their chosen properties, normally ranging between 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3 BHK. The company successfully delivers 500-700 units to their clients every year.

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