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Rajat Singla turns to film direction from the online promotion of celebrities!

Rajat Singla, a Punjab-based entrepreneur, who has been known for his promotional skills to help Bollywood celebrities gain nationwide attention of the audience, is all geared up to take up a new role in the industry by stepping into the shoes of a movie director.

Getting an opportunity in the Hindi film industry as a full-time director is like a dream come true for the businessman. He, however, accepted that he has worked really hard to get this in his kitty.

"It simply is a surreal feeling getting this opportunity to work in Bollywood. I am directing my first film which is a totally different field for me. I, however, know the basics of the industry very well as I have been connected with this world ever since I was just 15 years of age. I have worked with some noted actors and actresses over the years which helped me get a grasp of this fantasy world," said Singla.

"Apart from promotional activities for celebs, I have also been into import-export business. I work as a medium between India and China as the two countries trade heavily with each other. This business helped me get settled financially and explore my talent," he added.

Why the role of people like Rajat Singla is very crucial in the industry because the celebs do not know anything about digital marketing which keeps them away from a specific set of audience. People like Singla create marketing campaigns and digital brandings for such celebrities and help them reach out to a bigger number of fans of the industry.

He has contributed enormously to the careers of several celebs over the past few years and his experities have also helped some companies build their online reputation. His endless hard work has finally turned out to be fruitful as now he will be able to live his dream of getting behind a camera and shoot his own film.

Singla, in his very first film, has got the opportunity to work with some noted names of the industry which he could not disclose as of now. "Thanks to God, as I have got the opportunity to work with some of the most exceptional actors of the industry. We have the script ready and a few of the star cast members have already been finalized. We are not allowed to disclose anything apart from this as of now. But I can assure everyone that this film has some unique content which will touch the hearts of the audience for sure," he stated.

"Hard work never goes in vain" - the saying seems to be true in case of Rajat Singla as he is finally getting a chance to do what he was meant to. We can hope some extraordinary work from a person who is coming from a completely different field.

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