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Read About The Soulful Musical Journey Of Pak Singer Umair Awan

Pakistani singer Umair Awan has been in news lately for his struggles and achievements. If you have ever stumble upon Umair’s Instagram you must have seen the tag of Shamsa Kanwal with a heart next to it. That is Umair,s girlfriend Shamsa, beautiful Mongolian eye-fold and cheekbones, and sharp facial features set her apart. Don’t mistake this beauty for lack brain because Shamsa holds a degree in engineering. 

Talking about his new song he said it will be out soon and the music producer of this song is Hassan Badshah and it is directed by Mudassir Wadood

Recently Umair also started to send off waves of trends on social media. Fans soon pick up on the cute couple got them trending all over social media. The influencers do not shy away from showing off their love for each other on social media. 

When asked about Shamsa Kanwal he said “I had a crush on her ever since I saw her viral photos on Facebook. I never had imagined that I will date her and I am blessed to have someone as sweet and intelligent as her in my life.”

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