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Read The Story Of Arham Surana On How He Became A Social Media Influencer At A Very Young Age

The best investment is to invest in your dreams and of course on yourself. Making his dreams turn into reality, Arham Surana is a young dynamic social media influencer who started working at a very early age of 16. His passion for sharing knowledge drove him to explore different horizons of the internet and experiment with new things on the web. At an age when his friends partied, Arham took a different path of working and making his living. He has consistently been working towards his goal and has helped many brands and entrepreneurs grow their network by building their great social media presence through his unique marketing skills. "I have sacrificed few years of partying for decades of freedom", says Surana.

Though he has brought up in the UAE, he over the years built great connections there. He also improved his English fluency which helped him get many international clients on board. Talking about gaining success, Arham said, “One must sacrifice his leisure time and work hard to live life like a king. Give 5 years of your time now and hustle as much as you can because I believe this is the time a person can go his way out and make a lot of money. I would say that I sacrificed some good things to get the best things in life and I am really happy about it.” Starting from scratch, he is surely progressing fast and is one of the budding marketers in today’s time. 

What to post at what time on which platform has seen his clients getting the right exposure on social media. With having a lot of recognized international clients and brands, he has established a network of 10 million to promote the brands he has been associated with. Hard work, determination, and sacrifice in life have made his dreams a reality and Arham Surana believes that he is a student by the day and a businessman by the night. Achieving so much at this young age has made the young guy one of the successful social media marketers today.

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