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Don't we all love to pamper ourselves? How pleasing it is to get a clean-up or facial done, while we relax our mind and body. And the post glow is to die for! Right? But isn’t it a far-fetched dream these days to step out and go to our favorite salon because, of course, COVID 19 had made sure that we go back to the times when salons were not the only way to treat your skin. It feels like life has gone a few years back, and we are all by ourselves! While it is impossible to step out, our skin has to face the brunt of our mental health and the stress we all are dealing with these days. If we rewind in time, we will know that people used to rely more on natural things than ones made with chemicals. Sometimes it is good to step into your kitchen, if not for food, then at least for your skin, because your kitchen can help your skin. Not just your stomach, but your skin, too, will thank your kitchen for having some of the essential food items. We all know about sheet masks and clay masks, now let’s try some DIY costumes because natural things will bring a natural glow to our dull and damaged faces. Understand your skin type and skin issue and choose your face mask accordingly. 

Here are DIY face and hair masks by Chahna Soni to keep your skin and hair healthy during the quarantine.

“I like being simple when it comes to skincare. I just try to hydrate as much as I can and maintain a cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. There's this face mask that I love that my mother used to make. It has yogurt, turmeric, chickpea flour, and honey. I leave it on for like 15-20 minutes and then wash it off; it makes my skin glow and looks brighter almost immediately. There is this mask, which is going to sound crazy, but I promise you it helps, the blogger said. Mix one egg and a dollop of honey in a bowl and apply it to your face. Let the mixture dry and then wash it off”.

To Lighten Skin 

You can use besan along with lemon and tomato to lighten skin tone, as they have bleaching properties. 


One tomato (ripe)

One tablespoon besan

One tablespoon lemon juice


Take the pulp out of the tomato and mix with besan and lemon juice. Apply it on your face and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes (till it dries). Rinse off with cold water.

To Reduce Acne 

Want to get rid of acne? Besan works wonder,” adds Chahna Soni. Team it with turmeric, a natural healer that contains antibacterial properties, and sandalwood, which is known to dry out pimples and promote flawless skin.


Two teaspoons of gram flour

Two teaspoons of sandalwood powder

One teaspoon of milk

a pinch of turmeric powder


1. Mix all the ingredients and create a smooth paste.

2. Apply evenly all over the face and wash off with lukewarm water after it dries. Pat your skin dry.

To Remove Accumulation of Dead Skin 

According to Chahna Soni, “This five-minute recipe will heal your skin and give you that glow you’ve always wanted.”


1/2 cup Coffee

1/2 cup Raw Sugar 

1/4 cup Oil 


Mix the ingredients together using a fork, then make any necessary adjustments. Ideally, the scrub should feel like wet sand. If it is too dry for your liking, add a little bit more oil. If it is too wet for your liking, add a little bit more sugar. 

For Shinier Hair


2 tbsp of coconut oil;

1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.


Just mix the ingredients, put it in your hair after shampooing and before the conditioner. Leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes and then wash it off. Coconut oil will hydrate your hair, and apple cider vinegar will make it shinier.

For hair fall And Hair Growth


Onion Juice 

Coconut Oil 


Mix both the ingredients together and apply on the hair. Leave it on for half an hour and then wash off with water. It sure is a stingy secret but works wonders. 

For Oily Scalp


1 Egg 

1/2 Lemon 


Smooth over hair from roots to ends and leave on for 30 minutes to an hour - longer is better. Rinse with lukewarm water, not hot!

For Dry Damaged Hair




Coconut/Olive oil 


Method:  Mix all the ingredients and apply from top to bottom and leave on for half an hour and rinse it

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