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Will America be great again? 2024 US Election

The question looming large is whether in the upcoming elections, former US president Donald Trump will be re-elected. Because he…

Will America be great again? 2024 US Election

The question looming large is whether in the upcoming elections, former US president Donald Trump will be re-elected. Because he faces numerous federal and criminal charges. The Republicans have confirmed Trump, the 45th US president, to be the leading candidate in this year’s electoral run. The former president is currently dealing with allegations that he attempts to reverse his 2020 election defeat.

Meanwhile, Biden, the incumbent president, is the speculated Democratic nominee. If he manages to secure a consecutive four-year term in November 2024. Biden will establish himself as the oldest American to secure a presidential election at the age of 81. However, this poses more of a disadvantage as voters are concerned about Biden’s old age. Due to which there is growing pessimism towards his consecutive run. Despite the economic statistics pointing towards job growth, infrastructure investment, and a slow easing of inflation.

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After Trump has been convicted of multiple felony charges, one would expect his possibility of holding office in the 2024 US election to decline. However, it is not the case. A poll taken in seven different states regarding the country’s presidency shows otherwise. Even with the prevalent problems of inflation and unemployment, Trump holds more power over the president in seven swing states. A new survey held six months before the 2024 US presidential election shows that the former president will beat the incumbent if elections are held today.

Ipsos polling data from early 2024 indicates that in swing states, Trump will defeat Biden by a narrow margin. A swing state is one that may plausibly be won by either the Republican or Democratic nominee in a state-wide or local election based on a variation in the total number of votes cast. As a result, Trump is winning seven states over Biden.

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Another Emerson College and The Hill poll reveals that Trump leads Biden in swing states by a narrow but substantial margin. It’s interesting to note that since Trump was found guilty on 34 felonies by a Manhattan jury, his lead has increased in each of these six states. If it is after-all Trump holding the seat as a Republican nominee. Biden’s campaign will most likely be centered around delineating the anti-democratic threat which Trump presidency poses to the American politics

The main issues contested by this year’s issues will be mainly focused on abortion rights, economic framework, immigration, crime rates and foreign policy. The 2024 campaign of the Democrats is planning on making abortion rights their central concern. With polls suggesting American’s favoring non-restive reproductive rights. Abortion rights will prove to be an essential vote bank this year.

The Biden administration is attempting to persuade the public that the economy is stable, with unemployment at its lowest point in recent years and inflation receding. However, the issue regarding immigration was a central part of Trump’s 2016 electoral where he pledged to step up border security. The measures taken by Trump’s administration are still unparalleled in comparison to Biden’s.

The Republicans have stated a foreign policy issue regarding China as they argue about the growing threat posed by Asian powers to national security. Ukraine’s war with Russia is another problematic arena for the Republican field. Trump has provoked the voters by arguing that Biden’s support of Ukraine is distracting the US from preparing for a possible confrontation with China. The ongoing issue with Palestine is yet another politically polarizing issue witnessing social protests around the world.