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Indian-Malaysian Armies Jungle Warfare from Apr 30

Indian-Malaysian Armies Jungle Warfare from Apr 30

New Delhi: To further hone their skills in jungle warfare and counter insurgency, the Indian Army personnel will be holding a joint exercise “Harimau Shakti” with the Malaysian troops at different locations in Malaysia. 

“The two-week long exercise starting on April 30 with the Malaysian Army is the first one being held at such a large scale. Malaysia is the only country which has wiped out all the insurgencies,” Col Aman Anand, Indian Army Spokesperson said.  
The India-Malaysia military exercise used to be held at the Command level earlier. The first joint exercise was held in 2012 at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. 
Considering the fact that the Indian Army has long experience in tackling the insurgencies in the North East and the border state of Jammu and Kashmir, the joint exercise is expected to further sharpen the edge of Indian soldiers in anti terror and anti insurgency operations under tough circumstances and difficult terrain. 
The exercise will take place in two phases that include Cross training and Field training in areas like Selangor, Sungai Perdik, Hulu Langat which were among the most active areas for the Maoist insurgents.
Both the armies will use the M4 A1 carbine in the exercise, which is known for lightweight and accuracy.
The Unit chosen for participation into the exercise is 4th Grenadiers of Indian Army and 1st Royal Ranjer Regiment of Malaysian Army.
The 4th Grenadiers which was raised in 1788 and donned with number of accolades in its name, has extensive operational experience in counter insurgency and counter terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir and has displayed exceptional professional acumen, dedication and supreme courage during various tenures in the valley, Col Anand said. 
90 soldiers of Indian Army and about 123 troops of Malaysian Army will participate in the exercise to be concluded on May 13. 
Both the armies will exchange their expertise like Indian soldiers will further learn how to survive in jungle warfare, involvement of technology in counter terrorism and counter insurgency from their Malaysian counterpart while the Malaysian troops would learn handling of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), operating of CoBs among other things. 
The Indian soldiers were trained in Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School in Mizoram’s Vairengte and Core Battle School in Jammu and Kashmir’s Sarol. 
The exercise is being conducted under the United Nation’s mandate to foster closer ties between two armies. 

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