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Indian, Malaysian Armies Test Their Jungle Warfare Skills

NEW DELHI: The two-week long  “Harimau Shakti” joint military exercise with Indian and Malaysian troops testing their preparedness in jungle…

Indian, Malaysian Armies Test Their Jungle Warfare Skills

NEW DELHI: The two-week long  “Harimau Shakti” joint military exercise with Indian and Malaysian troops testing their preparedness in jungle warfare, culminated in the rainforests of Malaysia on Friday.

The second phase of the exercise gained momentum with both Army units getting together in gathering intelligence on the enemy and then planning and executing the final assault.

The exercise between Indian and Malaysian Armies concluded with a closing ceremony at the tropical rainforests of Hulu Langat. The grand finale was a tactical operation on conduct of attack on enemy camp.

ÂThe information collected over the past five days through various operations had resulted in the contingents identifying the movement, routes and activities of Malaysian Revolutionary Army and develop a coherent intelligence picture. The joint command post established by the two contingents went on overdrive in collating and synthesising the available information and disseminating the orders to sub units,ÂÂ Indian Army spokesperson Col Aman Anand said here.

The field craft, and battle craft drills practiced during the cross training phase were put to great use and the contingents were able to achieve their aim while maintaining surprise, the spokesperson said. The entire planning process was a true reflection of the joint operational capabilities that the contingents have achieved in a short span of time.

The exercise involved movement of troops to their locations at night under respective party commanders and deployment their locations with no loss of surprise. The final blow on enemy was swift, well-coordinated and violent to ensure that the target was decimated in no time.

The final attack on the enemy target was witnessed by Brigadier General Abdul Malik Bin Jiran, Colonel Anirudh Chauhan, Defence Attache  Malaysia and Colonel Aman Anand, PRO Army.

In his closing address, the Commander complimented the troops from both the contingents for their exemplary conduct, high morale and tactical acumen throughout the exercise. He also remarked that the Contingents would have learned by sharing their knowledge and experiences. He also complimented the Indian contingent for assimilating and understanding the nuances of jungle operations as per Malaysian doctrine and fighting shoulder to shoulder with their Malaysian Counterparts.

Indian High Commissioner to Malaysia Mridul Kumar also visited the exercise area and complimented the troops on successful completion of the joint training exercise. He was highly appreciative of the high spirits and exemplary drills shown by the Contingents under challenging conditions and inclement weather. The rain gods poured but could not dampen the spirit of the brave soldiers from India and Malaysia.

The professional acumen, operational abilities, battle drills and physical endurance displayed by the contingents over the last fortnight were of extremely high std and was an apt reflection of the level of interoperability achieved during the exercise. The contingents from Indian and Malaysian Armies have been able to share their experiences in counter insurgency operations and learn from each other.

The future editions of Exercise Harimau Shakti will surely take this legacy forward and will ensure that the two nations continue to maintain close defence ties in ensuring peace and security in the region.

While Malaysian Army showcased its strength in the emphasis on tactical operations and basic soldiering skills, expertise in jungle survival and ability to live off the land and an eye for ground and ability to use natural resources for operational requirements, the Indian ArmyÂs strength lay in its ability to quickly absorb the battle drills and procedures of jungle operations as per Malaysian doctrine, exceptional firing skills exhibited during cross training phase and displayed physical and mental endurance.

The exercise also played a key role in enhancing defence relations between the two nations as well as strengthening interoperability and joint operational capabilities in conducting jungle operations.