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Afghanistan Women protests against Taliban


Taliban has ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.  Afghanistan women are protesting a  dress that is imposed by Taliban.  She is wearing Afghan traditional dress and uses #Donottouchmyclothes or  #Afghanistanculture.  

Dr. Bahar Jalali is saying that hundreds of women are protesting and commenting against this code dress that is imposed by Taliban.

Jalali said, she started this campaign because misinformation is being propagated by the Taliban.  

She wants to educate the girls of  Afghanistan because no woman ever wore dresses like this.  

Saying this is Afghan culture and we are wearing our culture dress, Jalali also posted a photo of herself in a green dress.  This campaign was started by Former  History professor Dr . Bahar Jalali in the American University of Afghanistan.  Taliban said girls will wear hijab and take the Taliban flag with them while attending lectures in school and college. 

Other Afghan women responded by posting pictures of themselves in bright and colourful traditional Afghan dresses from across the country in stark contrast to the black hijab mandate by the  Taliban. “I wear my traditional Afghan dress proudly. It’s colorful and beautiful. Not at all like the images you  saw circulating yesterday. Thank you  @RoxanaBahar1 who’s encouraging us  #AfghanWomen to share the beauty of  #AfghanistanCulture,” Tahmina Aziz tweeted.

Waslat Hasrat-Nizami, head of the  Afghan service at DW News, also posted a picture wearing traditional Afghan dress and headdress. “This is Afghan culture and this is how Afghan women dress,” she wrote. “Our cultural attire is not the dementor outfits the Taliban have women wearing,” Peymana Assad,  a local politician in the UK who is originally from Afghanistan, said. 

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