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Amid cancer rumours, Putin grips table during meeting

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to grip the table during a spaced-out meeting just a few days after the news went viral that he had undergone surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen.


In Moscow, the strongman, sitting near Sergey Chemezov, CEO of state-owned defence conglomerate Rostec, looked swollen in the video released by the Russian state TV on the 18th of May. The video clearly shows that the President was facing trouble holding the talks and gripped the table. Since last month, people have been worried about his health when the sources said that the President is very ill with blood cancer. 


Reportedly, Putin underwent surgery on May 12. A telegram channel, ‘General SVR’, which a Russian spy reportedly runs, reported that using ‘deepfake’ technology, Putin’s surgery and recovery were covered so that he could be present at Russia’s security council meeting.


According to New Lines magazine, “An unnamed oligarch said the 69-year-old Russian President is “very ill with blood cancer.”According to Proyekt, a Russian investigative outlet, the FSB, Russia’s state intelligence agency, has been told not to speculate about the President’s health.


The Russian oligarch, in the recording, says that Vladimir Putin has blood cancer and had surgery on his back just before ordering the invasion of Ukraine, which he termed an extraordinary military operation. He added that the President has gone mad and has ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy, and many other economies of different countries. 


Mr. Putin’s cancer news is nothing new. In 2015, there were rumours about his ill health. Social media was flooded with trends like “Putin umer”, which means “Putin has died”. Before the Ukraine war, the rumours that Putin’s immune system might be suppressed at the moment and was in a hurry emerged again.


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